06 Jun
By Jeanette on 06 Jun 2018

Bathrooms are one of the first things guests inspect when checking into a hotel. This is why hoteliers should look to “pod” solutions to deliver unrivalled guest satisfaction.

Along with testing the comfort of the bed the bathroom is the area most guests inspect when checking into a hotel room for the first time.

A bathroom that’s stylish and spotlessly clean can make a guest’s stay and lead to those all-important repeat bookings and five-star reviews. A bathroom that’s not up to...

29 May
By Jeanette on 29 May 2018

The construction industry is being forced to take a much closer look at the environmental impact of building methods and projects. In some cases, projects are awarded based on the environmental credentials of the contractors working on them & some organisations are appointing sustainability officers to ensure they attain green credentials.

This has seen a rise in off-site, modular builds. This construction method provides improved quality, greater efficiency and, most importantly, it...

29 May

Health and safety is one of if not the most important things to consider at any workplace, but even more so in the building and construction industry where on average there are over 64,000 injuries each year.

One way in which companies have begun to reduce the health and safety risk is to use off-site construction in place of the traditional piecemeal on-site construction. This is backed up by the 2019 government budget where the treasurer said, “it would use purchasing power to drive...

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