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Sustainability & The Environment

Sustainability is at the Heart of Everything we do

All Taplanes modular shower cubicles and bathroom pods are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are built with recycled material integrated. Being durable and reliable, our product longevity supports them being a green alternative to traditional build methods, as maintenance is greatly reduced and additional materials for replacements are not required.


Energy Efficient

There is a reduction in energy consumed during the lean modular manufacturing techniques and less energy usage for heating once installed, as the pods provide thermal insulation and we supply accessories and fitments with low water and energy consumption.

Reduced Pollution

Modular pre-fabrication uses less raw material due to design precision and therefore wastage is greatly reduced in comparison with traditional on-site bathroom construction. The weld & join technology facilitates a leak free product with no cracked tiles, grout or mouldy sealant to replace.


We offer to collect our products from clients at the end of life, sending the polypropylene material to be recycled and in turn we then use some of the recylced material in the future manufacture of our modular bathroom solutions.

Practice what we preach

We are as a team, embracing change of practise ourselves, to enable us to become more sustainable; from staff car sharing & cycling to work, to looking at reducing paper usage, the removal of single use plastic cups & using polyprop offcuts to make things for the office!

Reduced Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pods are resistant to mould and bacterial growth and therefore cleaning and maintenance is kept to a minimum, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals. This means less water usage and chemicals in the environment but also a cost effective solution.

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