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Dignity Pods

The Dignity Pod is our latest modular product range aimed at supporting people to remain living independently in their homes by providing access to ground-floor bathrooms.

The Dignity Pod can be quickly and easily installed – it is made from our own polypropylene material which is easy to keep clean without the need for chemical cleaners. It is a silicone-free product and the inert surface doesn’t support the growth of bacteria or mould.

Based on our original designs of bathroom solutions for listed buildings, it has a totally leakproof sectional design which makes it easy to fit in even the most awkward of spaces and there is no risk of water escaping.

The Dignity Pod is a cost-effective solution to assist you to keep your relative living at home.


Customers purchasing this Dignity Pod for personal use in their home could be exempt from paying VAT. (Read more about VAT exemption https://www.gov.uk/guidance/reliefs-from-vat-for-disabled-and-older-people-notice-7017)

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