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YHA upgrade facilities ready for Re-opening

Taplanes has recently finished a planned upgrade for YHA at their York site, providing them with new shower facilities with a modern, stylish and maintenance-free solution. The project saw the team working with Robert Harrison, Mark Strawther and Paul Keegan and the purpose-made Taplanes Ltd pods were installed by H. Pickup Mechanical & Electrical Services LTD.

The background

The YHA is a great organisation with multiple sites throughout England and Wales.

Historically they have favoured a more ‘traditional’ bathroom approach that utilises a raised wooden plinth, vinyl flooring and PVC cladding or similar. Recurring problems have developed, with a huge over-reliance on mastic and sealant. All too often this will break down over a relatively short period. There are so many different factors involved, it’s difficult to make this system work effectively.

Multiple YHA sites are now experiencing significant problems with leaking showers. This has resulted in rotten and collapsed vinyl floors with the PVC Cladding detached in numerous locations. As a temporary measure, we have seen the over-use of sealant and mastic, which would need to be replaced frequently.

Our solution

To overcome these problems, Taplanes has developed a purpose-made solution, in conjunction with the YHA with the size and specification tailored to the requirements of the specific YHA building. This pre-fabricated approach provides a far more controlled, durable and maintenance-free environment.

It should be noted that this is currently reactive, however, the YHA are trying to develop more of a proactive approach.

If you are looking to upgrade your facilities to eradicate some of the similar issues that YHA is having, get in touch with one of our team to see how our team can provide you with a bespoke solution.


Posted on

June 30, 2021