Located in the village of Nidd, Taplanes® began life as a subsidiary of electronics company Kelan Engineering in 1979. Much of the knowledge and technology developed in the manufacture of chemical and electronics storage can be seen in our products today.

The company was bought in September 1998 by the current directors, identical twins Andy and John Wilkinson. Separated by only a matter of minutes at birth, the brothers display a instinctive and intuitive relationship. Their disciplined business practice and continual product improvements has secured Taplanes® leadership in the modular bathroom sector.

With a dedication to engineering excellence Taplanes® ensures long-term value by pursuing only the best materials and manufacturing processes. This disciplined strategy embodies our durable modular products that rank high for reliability, flexibility and ease of use, requiring little or no maintenance.

As an example of our manufacturing technique we use a specially formulated 12mm polypropylene and patented plastic weld technology. The licensed material is then electrically tested to deliver a 100% watertight unit to the customer that is guaranteed for 25 years.

Over 35 years of maintaining the highest standards has enabled Taplanes® to become the preferred partner of many high profile organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • DESIGN BUILD – To suit specific location and specification requirements
  • NO WET TRADES – Taplanes products do not require or rely upon silicone sealant and mastic
  • LEAK PROOF – Overcomes the inherent problems of leaks, sealant replacement, mould growth, cracked tiles and trays, cleaning and on-going maintenance issues
  • ISO 9001 – Registered Firm
  • ISO 14001 – Registered Firm
  • MATERIAL – Constructed throughout from 12mm heavy duty Polypropylene all Taplanes products are considerably more reliable than comparable alternatives
  • SPEED OF INSTALLATION – Substantially quicker and easier than traditional construction methods
  • GUARANTEE – A 25 year guarantee is provided as standard
  • LONGEVITY – Significantly more durable and reliable than alternative construction methods
  • RECYCLING – All Taplanes products are fully recyclable

Continued investment in equipment and people, combined with a readiness to adapt and work closely with the client, keeps Taplanes® at the forefront of their industry.

Andy Wilkinson, Sales Director

Why Choose Taplanes®?

Our shower cubicles and bathroom pods are unique to Taplanes® and our service is second to none.
Find out more about why Taplanes® products are right for your next project.

Durable Material

Taplanes® uniquely durable watertight solutions are extremely hard-wearing, quick and easy to install and easy to maintain with no gaps for bacteria or mold to take hold

Manufacture & Maintenance

All Taplanes® shower cubicles and en suite pods are manufactured in the UK. The products provide a robust, leak proof and hygienic solution with all maintenance costs eliminated

25 Year Guarantee

All Taplanes® products carry
a 25 year guarantee as standard with
a life expectancy well in excess of 35 years

Free Design Service

Working closely with the end user, the Taplanes® regional engineer will tailor the product specifically to your requirements. This service is free of charge and includes site surveys, design services and the provision of CAD drawings and product demonstrations

Installation & Delivery

Speed and ease of installation is key with significant savings achieved. The products would arrive to site assembled with all the associated accessories securely stored inside or palletized separately

Environmentally friendly

All Taplanes® shower cubicles and bathroom pods are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene. For a small cost
we are able to collect your old units and recycle them into new material