Hatch Hall

Hatch Hall is a beautiful but little known building tucked away on Lower Hatch Street only half a kilometer from Stephens Green in central Dublin.

The building was designed by the charismatic CB Powell, whose bike, his preferred mode of transport and long white beard earned him the nickname ‘God-on-a-bike’. The façade is red brick detailed with fine oriel stained glass windows that appear to balance on narrow columns.

The construction was completed in 1913 and occupied by Jesuits who opened it as a residence to medical students of UCD (University College Dublin).

Today the Grade I listed building is in the hands of East Coast Catering LTD, a Canadian company specialising in catering and accommodation services to remote site locations.

In-line with its heritage, the developers hope to restore the building as post-graduate accommodation, and will provide en suite facilities in all rooms using Taplanes® Linfield pods.

The project design consultant is Denis Williams Design Services Ltd and Taplanes® won the contract on familiar grounds:

1. The products design – made from specially formulated polypropylene and built using patent protected techniques, the shower pod is watertight and environmentally conscious, with ISO 9001 / 14001 certification and a 25 year guarantee

2. Its longevity – durable and easy to maintain our 25-year guaranteed watertight shower pods requires no maintenance, outperforming comparable products and delivering superior long-term value

3. Flexibility – with bespoke designs to suit each individual project, Taplanes® sectional and modular shower pods are easily installed and maximise space efficiency

These attributes provided East Coast Catering a solution to the complexity of providing tenant en suite facilities in a listed building. The project is to be completed in phases over the next few years, with 35 showers already delivered and over 50 to go!

It is a pleasure for Taplanes® to be involved in such a prestigious project, and in turn the example illustrates our products strengths, hopefully serving as a reference house and staging post for future business in Ireland.

It’s great to be involved with Hatch Hall as one of several new Irish and European projects that are internationalising Taplanes® business.

John Wilkinson - Managing Director

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