Halley VI Research Centre

Built to house up to 52 crew members, the Halley VI Research Station in Antarctica opened at the start of 2013 after a trial run of the modular build in South Africa. The station, which comprises labs, offices, bedrooms and a social area, is the sixth version of the station to be placed on the Brunt Ice Shelf and is home to scientists studying various environmental changes. The Antarctic Research Station is also credited with discovering the ozone hole in 1985.

Tight on space and requiring a simple solution, the one piece Alpha cubicles were chosen for the project. By using one of the more compact cubicles, the architect was able to optimise the limited space available in the Research Station’s bedrooms. Ensuring a completely watertight product is vital give the lack of a local plumber!

Specified through our close working relationship with Cambridge University, this was an unusual project to be involved with. Fortunately we didn’t have to carry out the site surveys!

Jonathan Braunton, Sales & Marketing

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