Durham University, Pace Building

The Pace Building is one of several accommodation buildings within Hatfield College and Incorporates the Music Room, the Gyms, a common room, self-catering kitchen and E, F, G and H Stairs. It currently houses 42 students. This particular building was created in 1950 by the architect E. Vincent Harris, OBE, RA and was made to look a lot older than it actually is, being designed with an appreciation of older buildings in mind. The building was named after Canon Pace who had just retired as joint vice-master of Hatfield and University Colleges and cost Ā£77,000 to build.

Founded in 1846, Hatfield College is the second oldest College in Durham University. It is located between the World Heritage site of the Norman Cathedral and the banks of the River Wear, on one of the oldest streets in Durham. Hatfield has a very interesting history and it continues to grow and change, building on its heritage and traditions to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The refurbishments at the Pace building started in September 2015, our regional engineer Jonathan Braunton and PH Partnership architects worked on the pod layout and specification deciding that the Grampian Pod was the best unit for this project.

The Grampian Pod was specified by our senior specification engineer, Jonathan Braunton and the Architects, PH Partnership, due to its suitability towards refurbishment.

Jonathan Braunton

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