Felsted School

Having specified the product previously with great and ongoing success Taplanes were the first choice for Architects Barnsley, Hewett, Mallinson (http://www.bhmarchitects.com/) when specifying an en-suite solution for Felsted School’s prestigious New Build. A visit to Selwyn College in Cambridge made by Felsted’s Bursar Mrs Margaret McKenna and Estates Manager Mr Simon Woolley enabled the client to see the Taplanes Product in situ and discuss it in detail with the College’s Maintenance Manager Doug Benzie. The Taplanes product was approved by the School and the design work went ahead to ensure the best solution available was delivered.

The Selwyn College Cripp’s Court Project used 210 Taplanes En-suite Pods for Refurbishment and Felsted School used 33 for its New Build. Whatever the project the primary reason for specifying the Taplanes product is always the long term financial savings it offers above any other solution on the market. The ability of the product to remain water tight and look good in high use environments for such long periods is the main area of saving. The insurance that Taplanes 25 year guarantee brings to a School like Felsted is also very valuable. Leaks can be very costly especially if they go unnoticed.

Thanks to the fantastic Project Manager Nathan Herbert and the excellent on-site team from Jarvis Contracting Ltd (http://www.jarviscontracting.co.uk/) the installation looks great and most importantly it is performing well and we are confident they will continue to do so for many years to come at very little ongoing expense.

‘Using the Taplanes product is a great way for an organisation to ensure its buildings last leak free with low maintenance costs for as long as possible. Felsted chose to dismiss cheaper poor quality alternatives designed only for New Build projects and will continue to see the substantial long term savings as a result’

Dan Wilkinson

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