Taplanes are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and as the leading demountable shower cubicle and bathroom pod manufacturer in the U.K., we are proud to provide sustainable pre-fabricated showering solutions to many sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

Over the past few years there has been steady growth in providing our leak-free showering solutions to hostels and the leisure industry in Europe, tailoring our pods to meet European specifications. Our sectional shower cubicles and en-suite bathroom pods are ideal for refurbishments, allowing the units to be manoeuvred into restrictive spaces with speed and ease. This quick and easy installation which requires no wet trades, reduces labour costs and project lead times, and being manufactured from polypropylene material means that they are easy to clean and maintain, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

In addition to tailored specifications on a range of products, we provide bespoke designs for a variety of projects and are excited by the level of interest across different sectors throughout Europe and beyond.

From the rural countryside of North Yorkshire, U.K., Taplanes supply sustainable showering solutions to high-use environments across the UK and Europe, and we have plans to extend our international reach throughout 2019, having recently provided a project in West Africa; in addition to currently working on projects in Australasia.